Until Then…

When words no longer matter… When there’s an end to what all along has been plotted… No further moves? If it is uncertain keep going…

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As I Sleep

As I sleep my empire grows. Come find me. If you can’t and it seems hard to, maybe I’m just gone. 😉 Be sure to be connected for what comes next!

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My Fingerprint

My Fingerprint is going to be a documentary about my mark in life. A combination of productions and life events playing out all at once. A very detailed manifestation of what I leave behind after life… My Fingerprint!

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The Vast

The vast, a space of nothing. Well what to do with empty space? Simple… A spec of intelligence that emerges from nothing is called creation and as creators we make something out of nothing. Thus to fill or create is what vast is for.

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Hands Of Time

Time hurts more than anything when we think about it. When we felt or made felt was all in the past. Past is gone can’t have it back and that’s that. No fair games, just next. Time is precious, but as I write this time is wasted.

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